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Friends, I have some exciting news that I cannot believe I haven’t shared just yet. Next week, I’m headed to Salt Lake City to attend the Altitude Summit conference! Better known as Alt Summit, the conference caters to small business owners and bloggers. Being just a little over a year old, LRW is more than ready to soak up everything there is to know about blogging better and working better. This is the kind of learning I can get into!
If you’ve heard anything about Alt, it’s one of two things. First, the business cards are on point, and exchanging them has become a sort of rite of passage at the conference. Second, everyone dresses to the nines. For 3 days, there shan’t be sweats. There can’t be slippers. Effort must be made. A few years ago everyone wore top knots, and Pinterest went crazy. In an effort to not look like every other blogger, here is an outfit I’m dreaming of:


// cheeky sweater (similar) // my favorite skirt // opaque navy, color block-able tights // comfy, chic, go with everything boots // neutral tote to carry my laptop //cozy scarf that can double as a plane blanket // dark nail polish //

My biggest challenge for this conference is my lack of funds. With a wedding on the books, my ability to make the random purchase here and there is gone. Goodbye packages of clothes! Goodbye online shopping. I’m done (for now). So, I had to go into the archives on this one and reimagine some existing pieces. And I’ll also be wearing a lot of my staple / favorite looks on the trip as well. Just because I’m attending a conference doesn’t mean I should change my style. So I’ll be packing jeans, sneaks, and a t-shirt, too.

Have you ever travelled for a work conference? This is my first EVER! Any tips?

ps- Don’t forget to enter yesterday’s GIVEAWAY!!!!!



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