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Friday already!? Can you believe it? As you read this, I’m on my way to Bari for my first ever class! To say I’m a little nervous is a understatement, but I’m SO excited. I get to have my fat measured and talk through my goals for the program – and then have a custom workout plan formulated for me by one of Bari’s expert trainers. Quite a deal, I’ll let you know how it goes! What are you all up to this weekend? Raven and I are laying low and crossing some major things off our wedding to-do list, and I’m hanging with some college friends on Saturday night! Hope you have a great one, and here are some of my favorite links this week:

This has been wonderful for lazy nights. I’ve already watched two!

What a beautiful light. I’d love to give it to my nephews.

A moving post (not for the squeamish!).

The best tweezers.

Tips for scoring on Etsy.

Cannot wait to try this for sending out invites.

Even Sam Smith sings in the shower.

I’ve been researching long underwear for a ski trip we have coming up, and these look great, but I’m clueless! Any recs?




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