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Good morning, friends! Hump day already, which means…it’s Wedding Wednesday!
Raven and I will go days without making a decision / planning anything, and then all of a sudden we’ll cross 5 to do’s off our long list. Since we last chatted, Raven and I have started looking for DJ’s, have gotten quotes for the invitations, and I found my wedding dress!

Yesterday my mom took the train from CT and joined myself, 2 friends and my sister in law at Kleinfeld to go dress shopping. Can we just talk about my relationship with snow for a second? I’m one of those weird people that could live with snow year round and be delighted. I love it so much. So when I left my house yesterday (didn’t have time to snap a proper outfit pic!) and it was snowing, I knew it was going to be a great day.


That is the most I’ll show, but I’m wearing my wedding dress in that picture. If you know me, you know that high stakes moments are not easy for me (read: panic attack). So after I proclaimed “This is the one!” a lady came over and put a veil on me and goes, “Just WAIT, it really gets real when you put on the veil.” Aaand I kind of lost my shit. Gill captured it above.

All joking aside, we had a great experience at Kleinfeld, our salesperson Ellie was incredible and I highly recommend trying dresses on with her. From start to finish, we were given incredible attention and made to feel right at home in the showroom. Ellie immediately understood my vision for the dress and brought perfect options right away. The dress I chose is not exactly what I had in mind, but in the end it felt so right and so me.

We followed up shopping with a trip to the Oyster Bar in Grand Central…


Where much champagne was consumed…


And finished off the evening at a dive bar with my two best friends, many pints of beer, and a giant pretzel:


Love those guys.

Raven and I are slowly but surely starting to get a registry together, and I’ve also started sourcing favors – locally!- so we can have a nod to Astoria at our wedding. Friends who are in the midst of planning and / or are already married – tips and tricks for planning in general are appreciated!

See you lovely folks tomorrow.



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6 years ago

Tip: Enjoy the lulls in planning because one day you’ll be like “oh it’s 174 days to my wedding there is no more down time despite all of my advanced planning” Sorry, projecting.
Speaking of DJs, I kind of hated the whole DJ interview experience until we hired this awesome awesome DJ through More Than Music (Hank Lane) named Alison. She’s one of my favorite vendors by far! If you’re still looking, I would recommend checking her out.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kelsey

Thank you so much Kelsey! Love these recs, and will definitely look into your DJ rec! xo

6 years ago

Loved reading this Allie! Sounds like you definitely knew wanted you wanted!

6 years ago
Reply to  Marsha

Marsha- I feel like I’ve been planning this day for 30 years! 🙂