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Aaaand we’re back! Happy New Year, Happy Monday! It feels like a lifetime since the holidays, doesn’t it? A new year will do that to you, I guess. What have you all been up to the past few days? I had a great week last week, lots of dates with friends, lots of wedding pondering, and lots of cleaning and organizing my life.
Raven and I opened our first joint bank account, I had a shoot with Ashley (coming soon!), paid all my 2014 bills, and spent Saturday night discussing business and life with Becca and Courtney. OH! Speaking of Courtney, I finally decided to get into shape and have signed up for a 6 week program at Bari. I cannot wait to keep you posted on the progress!

Let’s ease into Monday and this year with some easy, comfy fashion. Just because you feel comfy doesn’t mean you have to throw your sartorial personality out the window. Grow some balls, try something new, break your own rules, everything matches! Like this:




// top // pants // boots // coat //

I love love love the wintery colorblocking that has been happening lately (T Swizz has been doing it a lot, and you know how I feel about her). Layering muted jewel tones is so chic and takes the guesswork out of getting dressed this morning. By the way, I just purchased a pair of Matt Bernson booties a few weeks ago, and have been paring them with everything. I highly recommend them!

Talk to me, friends! Thoughts?









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