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Friends, I’m telling you. Sales are RIPE for the picking right now. There is so much goodness on sale that before I’ve done a full sweep of my favorite designers and items available in my size, the item I originally sought out is already gone (this happened to me with an amazing Rick Owens jacket).

Here’s the thing with sales. It’s so so easy to see your favorite retailer having an enormous sale, go straight for the cheapest item you can find and scoop it up just for the thrill of it all. I also know a good chunk of my friends who will avoid sales altogether because they feel overwhelmed. I. Hear. Ya. And I’m here to help. Before you go HAM on this season’s winter sales, read this:

1. Take a closet inventory. Step AWAY from the computer. Put DOWN the credit card. Take stock of your closet. What item are you hoping to add to your closet? Let your answer be a classic item or it doesn’t count. Classic items are as follows: cashmere sweater, down coat, flattering jeans in a neutral wash (blue or black), everyday boots, black pumps, wool blazer…you feel me? Remember, your classic pieces are likely different from mine because we’re different people.

2. Reuse money. Did you get a gift card for Christmas? Sweet! That helps narrow things down. Did you receive an item that just doesn’t work? That also narrows down retailers / amount of money you can spend. Use your gift card or store credit on top of the sale to invest in a piece that you love. I got a Shopbop gift card this year, and today they’re offering 25% off (with code CHEERS2015). Guess work gone. I’ll be investing in one sale piece from Shopbop this year, and I’ll make it a good one.

3. Don’t gamble. So you want to spring for some Frame denim jeans, but you’ve never tried them on before? Stop right there. Remember your closet. You’ve got 4 pairs of J. Crew jeans/pants already. You know that brand works for you, so stick with it. If you do want to try a new brand, make sure that you either try it on in store before purchasing, or purchase from a store that offers free returns, just in case the piece in question doesn’t work out.

There you have it, friends! Hope this helps with your post-holiday shopping! You know this subject thrills me, so feel free to email or message me with any questions. And if you want to hire me, I’m offering 25% off my services for 2 MORE DAYS! Hope to work with you.



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