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Oh HEY there, friends! I feel like I haven’t blogged in about a month (tail between legs), it’s nice to be back! Did you all have a relaxing, restful holiday? We had a blast in Connecticut – it went by in such a blur, but here are some highlights:


We ate a lot. We drank a lot. We laughed a LOT.

IMG_8242 We hung out with lots of cute little ones. We made this:


I’m actually oddly feeling that look, in that video. I came across a random t-shirt from when I studied abroad and truly lived in it for the entirety of my trip. Which is why I felt better about life when I saw this. Which is very different from today’s topic on LRW. Are you guys going out for NYE? Raven and I are attending a birthday brunch during the day, and he actually has the night off, so we’re considering hitting up our friend’s house party. What will I wear? What is festive and yet not sparkly/obvious and not unrealistic to put on my body? Here’s what I’ve worn in the past:


Four years ago I wore a silky navy tunic with knit leggings and a thin gold belt (remember when everyone belted every shirt ever?).


Two years ago I wore a red peplum tube top (which had previously been a dress that I took a pair of scissors to) with a red flannel and black holey skinny jeans.

This year, I would love to wear a pantsuit like this, but I don’t own one, and with a wedding on the horizon, my clothing allowance is essentially nil. Tell me, friends, what are you wearing this New Year’s Eve? What are your plans? Inquiring minds want to know…







image 4 by Joe Power, image 5 by Kennedy Kanagawa.

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