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Morning, friends! There’s only one more sleep till Christmas! I am so excited to celebrate – Raven and Charlie get in in a few hours and there’s going to be lots of holiday cheer happening in the next few days. I had a great night’s sleep and feel so much better today, so I thought I would kick off a new series – Wedding Wednesday! I am totally open to names, here, for this series, but for posterity, let’s call it what it is for now.
Even though Raven and I have only been engaged for a week, we’ve been brainstorming ideas for our wedding since we designed my ring. I’m excited to say we have a date, a venue and more importantly (to me), a wedding planner! I’ve been a fan of Melissa McNeeley’s work for years, and I was thrilled when she said she’d work with us for our big day. Two seconds into my first phone call with her, she completely understood our vision. Raven and I love the outdoors and the fall and winter seasons, so a cozy November wedding by a lake in Connecticut is perfect for us. I’ve put together a moodboard from my Pinterest page so you can get an idea of what we’re thinking:


Yup, you guessed it! Lots of plaid, lots of dark, moody colors, and we are trying our hardest to make the inside look like the Connecticut woods. Oh, and we are thrilled and HONORED to be having Ashley Caroline Photography photograph our wedding (basically, we planned our date around her availability)! Needless to say we are so excited to start this planning process. What do you guys think??






images via Pinterest and here.

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6 years ago

Allie. I’m in Bali so I will make this short but holy moly I’m so excited for you and raven. Will Charlie be in the wedding? If I may be so bold to offer my help in any way – I’ll come down to NYC to help address envelopes in a wine party at Kennedy’s maybe??! Just sayin…happy engagement!