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Freedommmmm! Is my middle name. As of 12am this morning, I am officially off for the next week! I had a restful Saturday (Harry Potter and wine) and a work filled Sunday (lovely wedding with Ashley!), and here I am at my parent’s house, sipping coffee in my jammies at the kitchen table. Bliss!
Was your hood as cold as mine yesterday? At the wedding, I was freeeeeezing, and I found myself wishing I had brought a cozy winter hat. I’m super spoiled because my SIL is the most talented knitter and has made me some gorgeous snuggly winter pieces, but there’s no harm in browsing, right? Today I’ve rounded up some gorgeous hats to keep you stylish and warm all winter long:

 12_22_14_many_hats_3// pink lady // veiled // kitty cat hat // fair isle // frenchie // headband // houndstooth //

I feel cozier already, don’t you? I love Eugenia Kim‘s pieces – I just recently discovered her, and I already scooped up one of her headbands for my wedding (yes, I’m insane)!!

Here’s hoping you have a lovely, friends!



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