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Hi friends! Thank you so much for all your love yesterday. It still feels so surreal that we just keep giggling every time we glance at the ring. I’ve finished my day job until after Christmas, so I have lots of time at home to read, and I’ll be working on a couple LRW projects before rounding out the weekend styling a beautiful wedding in NJ. Raven and I have a bottle of champagne we need to pop open, so hopefully there will be time for that. Tell me, what are you up to this weekend? Here are some links I’m loving:

Validation for us worriers.

Did you listen to Serial? Here’s a good recap. (Thanks, Becca!)

I’ve been obsessed with pickles lately, and this DIY looks yummy.

Best Brunch Spots. (Yay, Astoria!)

I love this for Christmas and beyond.

What to tip, and other salon etiquette.

Rewritable Paper??

As if I need more shoes, I’m loving these boots.

All those carbs made a home on my chin.

Holiday Movie trivia.

Have a great one, friends!




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