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I have a couple vices, as we all do. I put coffee creamer in my coffee daily (I call it melted plastic – it has no nutritional value whatsoever), I love red wine or a nightly cocktail, and I shop more than I’d like to admit. Today I’m not interested in your everyday vices, though. I want to know what your vices are with regards to beauty.

Without hesitation, I would say my biggest beauty vice is my hair care. I’m almost completely gray, so every 4-6 weeks I have my hair colored. I could probably do a decent job of dying it at home, but I absolutely love the girl who does my hair (Laura from Seagull), and while it’s expensive, for the moment it’s an expense I’m happy to pay.

Beauty splurges I’ve also considered: laser hair removal, Botox (not going to lie!), and eyelash extensions. I’m dying to know, what are your biggest beauty vices?? Please feel free to share in the comments!












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