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You can guess what’s on my mind lately. CHRISTMAS. Specifically, curling up on the couch with babies and animals. I don’t want to sound TOO 2008, but I’ve been thinking a lot about leggings lately. They’re easy, they’re (usually) flattering, and they’re comfortable. Let’s do leggings right this holiday season. Here’s how I would style them for myself:

// sweatshirt // leggings // earrings // sneakers (on sale!) //

Sneakers are the footwear loophole for leggings. Wear them with your leggings, unabashedly, as if to say “I could be working out, or I could be looking really busy, or I could be hanging out.” We don’t really want anyone to be abundantly aware that we’re wearing leggings  – they’re the most polarizing pants out there. So aside from not being see- through, we need to mind our calf / ankle situation. The only rule is, no lower calves / ankles. Cover those babies up. That is to say,  no loafers, no flats, no brogues. It’s either boots, sneakers, or bust. Check it out:


// sweater // leggings // watch // boots //

Another good rule of thumb is: cover your bootie. Even though David Lerner leggings (please, if you’re going to buy a pair of leggings, invest in his) are thick and not sheer, it’s not really apropos to have people seeing your junk up close and personal. So, long sweaters and tunics. And I just like to avoid cardigans because I feel like they’re a little too easy and obvious. There are exceptions to every rule, believe me, I’m not trying to shame everyone, I just want to give you all my opinion.


// dress // leggings // boots //

My sister often wears mini dresses over leggings (as opposed to tights) to work. I love this look – it’s office appropriate and uber comfortable. Any dress that you deem too short for work is probably perfect for this look. Throw a jersey knit turtleneck under any short sleeved dress to transition to a winter look. These rag & bone booties work beautifully because of the high rise in the front.

What do you all have to say about my tips? Any questions?



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