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Good morning, friends! We’re in the Christmas home stretch here – I have a feeling this week is going to go on forever. Right around this time of year, I always feel particularly antsy. I’m done Christmas shopping, but I haven’t given any gifts yet. I’m eating delicious, indulgent foods every day, without any real cause for celebration. It’s all well and fine, it’s the Holiday season! But I find myself in a bit of a slump, and looking for a way out of it.  If you’re at all in the same boat, I’ve come up with a few quick fixes to get you out of your funk and in the groove this week. Here are 5 ways to feel better about Monday:

1. Add some cinnamon to your coffee: Coffee is the first thing I do every morning, and it’s absolutely my favorite way to start the day. Sometimes you want your coffee to feel festive, though, and since drinking  Irish Coffee at 7 am isn’t really appropriate, I’ve found a sprinkle of cinnamon will do the trick.

2. Use a fancy face mask in the shower: I don’t know about you, but after the weekend, my skin feels extra tired. When I can remember, I like to give it a little extra TLC. I recently tried a sample of this mask and absolutely loved it. Frank is another of my favorites if you want to do your whole body. The results are amazing, I promise.

3. Wear heels (or shoes you don’t normally wear): Getting back into your routine after a weekend off feels so insulting, doesn’t it? When you put your no-brainer work outfit on on top of that, Monday just feels like a downright drag. Switch up your shoes as a quick way to change the entire look of your outfit. Bonus points if the shoes are fierce and comfy.

4. Do some yoga poses: Sitting down at a desk all day is the worst (disclaimer: 99% of the time I am working from my couch). Whenever I get up, I feel all creaky. Even if you don’t have a traditional day job, how refreshing does it feel to stretch?? Raven’s mom is a physical therapist, and I always catch him stretching throughout the day. After he’s been sitting at the piano for a long time, in the shower, after he gets home from work…it’s kind of amazing. Here’s an easy guide to the Sun Salutations, my favorite way to warm up for the day.

5. Wear lipstick: Whenever I feel anything but awesome, I try to make my outfit the opposite of how I feel. Days that I’m depressed or laden with PMS are the days you’ll find me trying the hardest. Lipstick is the easiest way to elevate and outfit that I know. Nude, oxblood, orange-y redglossy pink, it doesn’t matter, just throw some on before you head out the door. Get ready for lots of compliments, you knock out, you.

Ahh, I feel better already!









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6 years ago

I completely agree about the cinnamon in coffee. It really is something so easy and takes little effort at 6am but is totally worth it 🙂