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Tis the Season for eating, and eating, and drinking, and then eating again because you just drank a lot and it made you hungry. It’s also the season for freezing your bootie off commuting to and from work. And then having to change into an even less comfy outfit for a holiday party post work. Which is not recommended. At all. We want to keep things comfortable around here, yeah? Stylish and comfortable is one of my biggest priorities. Let’s go over the makings of a party ready day to night ensemble:

// shirt (alternative options here and here) // pants (love tuxedo pants, too) // earrings (these are also great) // shoes (similar look in flats) //

First things first, in order to do this right, you want to stay high quality with the materials you’re wearing. So, leave the cotton and jersey at home and pull out silk, wool, and leather (or faux leather). This will automatically elevate your outfit from everyday to fancy and festive. Secondly, you don’t have to add sparkle to your outfit. High quality materials will speak for themselves, but since sparkle is so much fun, I’ve added just a tiny bit here with the shoes. Lastly, don’t overcomplicate the outfit with accessories. Head to work with your everyday jewels on, and then swap those out for something fun at the end of the day. Easy peasy.

Also, can I just be frank for a second? I don’t have a corporate job anymore, and amost of my friends don’t work 9-5 jobs either…so most of us wouldn’t be in this situation. For me, the lesson here can translate no matter what you do; when you need to dress up, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience, style or comfort to look good.

See you all back here tomorrow!



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Eloise Rarey
Eloise Rarey
6 years ago

Those shoes! Now I need to go shopping.