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Everything this week is wintery…I hate this phrase but, sorry I’m not sorry?
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Let’s talk lips. As you can see, my shades of lipstick range from rull red to pale pink…and then my collection of shades just kind of drops off. I have a nude lip that I like to wear when I’m feeling particularly throwback-ish, but other than that, my lips are naked.

So, how do we get through the winter with festive lips that aren’t classic red? How do we walk into the party looking fresh to death and not at all like a clown? Think of lipstick colors as a scale, with a classic red at the very center, orange on one end, and brown on the other. Classic red is everyone’s go to (alright not everyone, but most), it’s comfortable, easy, it always looks good. But if we want to try something different, swing one way or the other on the scale, comme ca:



l to r: // one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight //

So, obviously, classic red is in the middle (number 5). If you’re looking for something a little more cheerful, I would head into the orange shades. These look great on fair skinned folks, in a matte tint, and pair great with greens, navy, and black. If you’re feeling moodier, try going more purple / brown. These also work in a matte tint, but I love the look of a creamy / glossy dark lipstick. These, of course, look incredible¬†on olive and brown skin tones, and pair nicely with pinks and blues, as well as brown and black.

Of course, this scale is only for shades of red. I’ll admit, I am biased and think that red lipstick is the best lipstick,¬†so I would start here, find a shade that works for you, and then branch out.

Have a happy Thursday!





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Courtney Romano
6 years ago

YES. My lips thank you, my basic uniform of t-shirt & jeans thank you, my unchanging eye shadows thank you. Great advice, love this!