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Can we all agree that any sort of fashionable opinions about jackets and coats get hurdled out the proverbial window when the temperature drops? Take it from me, the stylist who wore a rain coat over a plaid jacket over a faux fur vest the other week. When you’re waiting for the subway in Astoria, you care not what you look like, only that you can bend over with ease to check if the train is coming. But then, it’s so nice to look put together, isn’t it? Let’s pre-plan here. Let’s talk winter outerwear and the ways it DOES work with your outfit, not the ways in which it doesn’t.


// coat // turtleneck // bag // stilettos // snow boots // pants //

1. Outerwear: My recommendation is to have two go-to coats; a puffer/parka/fluffy guy, and a dressy wool coat. They don’t have to be expensive, just warm and roomy enough that you can layer underneath. They do not have to be black. I repeat, they do not have to be black. If you love it enough that you will wear it every day, it will work with your wardrobe.


2. Accessories: My gloves are bright red, and the scarves I wear range from light blue plaid to red plaid to taupe. That’s okay! If I’m feeling a little too clash-y, I wear my taupe scarf (lesson here, stay away from patterns). Or, I wear a turtleneck underneath to eliminate my need for a big scarf.

3. Shoes: I would never walk to the subway in stilettos or any kind of heel in the summer, let alone when there’s black ice, so invest in a classic, warm pair of boots or sneaks. Yes, Uggs are acceptable. They’re warm! Just make sure to waterproof them. Switch to a big bag this winter with plenty of room to stow your fancy shoes. Wear your boots to work and switch at your desk because you’re not only fancy, but incredibly smart.

Notice how I went this entire post without mentioning the fact that I paired brown boots with an all black outfit. Because it doesn’t matter. Because it’s AWESOME.








image via Ashley Caroline (our first shoot ever!).

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