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WHEW! I feel like I just sat down after 6 days running around non-stop. I wrote yesterday’s blog post in a fog after the first good night’s sleep in almost a week. It’s my own fault – I get so excited to be home that the second I open my eyes in the morning, I’m up to hang with the fam. I’m sitting here looking at our makeshift Christmas tree, scratching my head. Where did the time go? I know I say that every month but this time I mean it!

Amidst the holiday and the gift guides, I feel like I haven’t talked straight fashion to you all in a while. On my brain today is the insane amount of items on sale on Net-a-Porter, but even on sale, these items are not cheap. So today I’m bringing you six investment pieces to buy RIGHT NOW, on sale, that can be worn into the ground. Put your money where your closet is, and get rid of 3 so-so pieces that you own for every hands-in-the-air awesome purchase that you make:


// classic striped shirt for layering // cashmere cardi // plaid and plaid // jeans in the perfect hue // day to night winter boots // the best t-shirt of all time //

For the love of little Charlie, go buy things now.



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