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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with, you’re having a wonderful day.

The Holiday season, for me as with most, is filled with nostalgia. My favorite traditions take place during this time, ones that I will remember forever (and hopefully Raven and I will carry on with our children someday). I’d love to share with you some of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions, on the condition that you share with me some of yours:

1. My mother has made the same meal every Thanksgiving since before I was born (with a few modifications here and there). She makes notes on looseleaf paper for every year, with comments on what worked and what didn’t, and chronicling all of the guests in attendance. The year I was born, she was in the hospital (I was born the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, 1984), so her notes are something like this: “Allie arrived, no meal!” By my sister’s account, the meal that year consisted of a rotisserie chicken and pumpkin pie from the grocery store. Apparently, she cried. 🙂

2. While my Mom prepares the meal, she listens to Handel’s Messiah in anticipation of the Christmas Holiday.

3. Last year, my sister in law and I began a new tradition with the boys (my 3 nephews) in mind. After football is turned off, we watch one Harry Potter movie, to get us in the Holiday Spirit. It is the tradition I am most excited about.

4. Football is always on, and there are drinks in abundance. The boys usually drink beer, and the girls stick to red wine. I am usually tipsy before dinner.

Do tell, what are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions??

Today, I am grateful for all of you :).









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6 years ago

My most treasured tradition is making my moms side of the family recipe of “tv mix” which is comparable to chex mix but homemade and baked. It’s so salty and wonderful and perfect for sharing with coworkers or bringing to a thanksgiving at a friends house. It’s been in our family for generations. Playing games (like pictionary or charades) is always a tradition along with having football on in the background and trying out a new dish 🙂 happy thanksgiving!!!