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Friends: I am in sweatpants and my stomach is primed to take in bountiful portions of mashed potatoes, caesar salad, stuffing, and every other delicious Thanksgiving side you can imagine (no turkey for me!). Oh, and pie. My mom makes FOUR PIES every year…for 10 people. That is a fantastic ratio.
Now that I am knee deep in nephews, I’m really, really jazzed about Christmas. I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving…but I feel so FESTIVE (I promise I will stop talking about this in January :). So, I had to do one more gift guide for you guys. If you’re on a budget for the holidays, or looking for a friend…this is the gift guide for you.


// a candle for your friend with champagne taste // a tray for dainty jewels or keys // marble coasters for the neat freak // cashmere eye mask for the high maintenance traveller // the best undies of all time //easy on the eyes pen cup to make work a little sweeter // Garance Dore calendar for the planner // glass water bottle perfect for entertaining // cozy slippers for early morning dog walks // pretty headphones for Serial binges //

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