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Good morning, friends! If you’re like me, your pet’s happiness is as important if not more important than your own. See exhibit A:


So, needless to say, Charlie will be getting a present this year. Here are my favorite finds for your furry baby and the animal lovers on your list:


// pet tracker for the paranoid (ME) // dog toy for the plaid lover // great collar and leash to support animal adoption // self heating dog bed  for the energy conscious animal // collapsible water bowl for the pup on the go // bougie dog treats for the sophisticated palate // Christmas dog pillow // mini emergency kit for dogs // candle for pre-holiday party pet odor elimination //

Have you enjoyed our gift guide series? I think I have one or two up my sleeve, and check back next week for a big ol’ giveaway!

That’s all for now, friends!






                                                                                                                                                                                                            top photo by Ashley Caroline.

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6 years ago

Keep ’em coming!