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Oh, hi there friends! If I seem a little older, a little wiser this morning…don’t be fooled. I had a dream I was best friends with Taylor Swift and woke up very sad about it only being a dream.
You know what is the only potential wrench in anyone’s Holiday spirit? Money. Budgeting for presents is always hard – you want to give more than you have, and no one has hundreds set aside (if you do, please email me I want to chat) ahead of the holiday. So, here are my shopping tips to make the holidays a bit easier on the wallet:


1. Spread the love: Call me crazy, but I start shopping in October. I can’t afford to spend money for 10! family members and then friends all in one month. I write down in my planner each person and my gift idea, then put a dollar amount next to their name. Divide the group into 3rds and shop over the next 3 months. Check off the list as you go. Don’t forget to keep the receipts! **Even though we’re well into November, there’s still time to spread the love – buy selectively over the next 2 weeks. Bonus points if you buy before Black Friday**

2. Google is your friend: If you can find it on sale, odds are you can find it for less somewhere else. Stores like Ruelala and Gilt are great for designer duds on the cheap, but don’t be fooled – they have hefty shipping fees and occasionally mediocre discounts. For my nephew’s Christmas present, I found it on Gilt for X + shipping, did a quick Google search and found it on Amazon for $20 less and free 2 day shipping. Same goes for sales – look for 20%-30% discounts at department stores – they often lump in free shipping. The lesson here is never settle and always double check to see if you can find it for less by Googling the product name.

3. Check etsy: Some of my favorite gifts have been purchased through etsy, and the experience is so much better. You’re talking directly to the vendors, and paying them directly for their services. Talk about going straight to the source! If you’re fixing to buy your Mom a fluffy monogrammed robe, avoid going to department stores – you’ll be spending hundreds! Run a search on etsy – shop sellers are so talented and willing to customize orders to your liking. Custom robe, handmade, at less than half the cost. Win! Here are some of my favorite etsy vendors: SeaAndCake, BreezeBotPunch, Patti Murphy Boutique, Sylwia Glass Art.

4. Go easy on the decor: I don’t mean that literally. I mean, don’t buy too much decor. Build your arsenal of Holiday themed home goods over time. Maybe your Mom is sick of this garland, maybe your best friend gave you a wintery candle for your birthday. Take all that into account and then buy string lights at the dollar store and hit up Marshall’s or TJ Max for the rest. Can I come over?

5. Regifting is tricky: This is definitely not first on the list for a reason. Things like lotions, soaps, etc, should never be regifted. The only semi-acceptable way to regift is by selecting an item that you have that has never been opened or used. That should be a given. If it doesn’t make sense to give to the recipient, don’t give it! Sell it and use the cash to source a gift.

Thoughts? Have you started shopping or decorating yet? Do tell!









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6 years ago

Great tips! Love the first one too! Happy Birthday 🙂

6 years ago

Great tips! Especially #1!