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Good morning from a chilly NY! Raven and I slept with the window open last night and spent the early morning hours with Charlie in between us, trying to soak up all his little puppy heat.

Since I started working with clients last fall, I’ve taken a good, hard look at my own wardrobe every few months. I’m getting to be ruthless about it – I see the similar challenges my clients face also infiltrating my tiny closet, and I want to make room for new finds, yes, but I also just want to cultivate a better wardrobe, with fewer things. Clear and clean out.

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I always tell my clients about Twice, which I’ve used on multiple times now to sell clothes for clients as well as myself. It is a pain in the butt to take your clothes to the consignment shop – especially in NYC. Twice has eliminated the need for schlepping; you sign up, say you want to sell, and they will mail you a prepaid envelope for your clothes.

Once you get the envelope, you fill out a form, shove your clothes in the bag, and send them back to Twice with your fingers crossed. Twice will review what you send and email you an offer (takes about a week) that you can either accept and take to the bank, or reject and pay to have your clothes sent back to you.

The only slightly tricky part to using Twice is that they only purchase¬†certain brands. Their website has an easy search form so you can double check what they take. In addition, if you accept their offer, you cannot get back the clothes that they didn’t include in their offer – everything gets donated. So make sure you don’t want what you send in!

Here are three tips to help you decide what to send in:

1. It’s like new and you never wear it. It could be that striped blazer, or pair of slacks that your job no longer requires. Get rid of it! My rule of thumb – if you haven’t worn it in a year, say goodbye.

2. You love it, but it’s just not your style anymore. I frequently see two people while doing closet makeovers: the current client, and the three years ago client. The clothes from 3 years ago are fine, but they’re not her style anymore. Let them go and make room for pieces your current self loves.

3. You have multiples of the same piece.¬†You don’t need four black cardigans, you need one awesome cardigan. Keep the item that’s made of the best material (wool, cashmere, etc) and is in the best condition. Send out the others.

That’s it! Here’s hoping you all make your closets a little skinnier.

To sign up for Twice and get $10 off your first purchase, click here. I have not been compensated by Twice for writing this post, but I am using my referral link.









images by Ashley Caroline.

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