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I am 30 in 7 days. One week left of my twenties…that is a daunting thought. Age is just a number though, right? Like Peter Pan before me, I refuse to grow up. Though my wrinkles get deeper and my belly softer, I vow to remain as immature as possible for as long as possible. Which is why today’s post is about my birthday list.┬áToday I bring you my 30 going on 13 wish list:


// impractical yet perfect snuggly coat // cozy sweater // my name in lights // plaid denim // gold jewels // sparkly sneaks // plaid sweater (one can never have too much plaid) // travel mug // a sensible bag // a wintery candle // rock studs // navy moto jacket // kitty cat flats //

If you’re here for a little maturity, first of all, you’re in the wrong place. However, last year’s post on turning 29 is one of my favorites I’ve ever written, so check it out.

And Happy AHS / Key and Peele Wednesday!



top image by Julia Bushe.

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