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Sometimes I think tights get a bad rap. Caught somewhere in between skinny jeans and leggings, we just never really consider them. We should be giving thanks to the stylish way we keep our frigid stems warm all winter long. Let’s break down how to wear them so that we can give them proper love this season:

1. Find Your Style: Consider the style that works for you, and consider wearability. I am most comfortable in opaque tights in black or brown. That’s just me. Maybe you like sheer black, or flesh toned fishnets. Like a signature scent, find what works for you. Maybe you wear a lot of brown and maroon cut out tights work best with that. Good, stick with it. I will occasionally wear the printed tight, but it has to be versatile. Subtle adornments in a neutral color work best, so I would avoid bright colors or elaborate patterns if you’re going for cost per wear.

2. Style with Slacks: We’ve got to get into the habit of breaking our own rules. You don’t always have to wear tights with a pencil skirt and pumps. Style them with wide leg culottes or silky shorts for a night out. For thicker tights, pair with socks, boots, and a casual skirt if you can. Lumpy tights sticking out of dress shoes is a no-no. Also, black is our friend. Pair an LBD with any kind of black tights and black ankle boots for a no brainer outfit. Pair with a fun blazer, scarf, or cardigan to mix in color.

3. Mind the Shoes: Unless you’re going to a costume party dressed as a Go Go Dancer, stay away from flesh toned pumps and black tights. When dressing up, try to keep your tights and pumps in the same color family; this is for neutrals only, so, black with black, navy with navy, brown with brown.  However, black tights go equally well with brown shoes/boots and/or navy brogues/loafers. I like to remind my clients – when you’re in your bedroom, all bets are off. Try on everything, the worst that can happen is you decide against it.

My absolute favorite brand for hosiery is Wolford. If you shop in store, you can feel a swatch each style before buying, and the sales people help you find the right size / style for you. Wolford is pricy though, so Hue is a great alternative, and they have a veritable library of styles. I also love H&M’s simple black tights – they’re affordable and they last.

That’s it! Thoughts?









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6 years ago

What timing! I actually brought out my tights for the first time today!

6 years ago

THIS IS MY JAM. Thanks Allie!