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Good Morning, friends! Friday already, and it seems like we’re blazing through November with incredible speed. I love today’s picture of the week – I give so much love to nature here on LRW, I thought it was high time I pay homage to the concrete jungle I call home. Running errands in the city this week, I couldn’t help but smile to myself on the subway. New York is unreal, sometimes it feels like being in a dream. Every so often a “pinch me” moment is necessary.

I am so excited for this weekend – Raven and I are visiting Cara and her boyfriend Kevin in New Jersey on Sunday! I haven’t seen Cara since she moved in August, and I am dying to catch up with her face to face. Other than that, we’ll just be hanging around. What are you up to this weekend? As always, my favorite links from the week are below…

Comfy thongs. YES.

This series makes my heart go pitter patter.

A watercolor of Charlie? Go on…

A welcome style hack.

Sleepy during your period? Here’s why.

A button down for all seasons.

This is hilarious and necessary.

Love this quote.

Teeny tiny kitchen inspiration.

Chic faux fur scarf.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!









image by Miranda Barnes.

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