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Thanks for letting me dump on you guys yesterday. Order has been restored to this household, and we made it through 24 hours with no fire. Whoop!
So, have you all been peeping the winter white trend that has been making the rounds this fall? Even Miss Olivia Palermo has been rocking it:


Well, initially I turned up my nose at this trend. I am, for whatever reason, so anti white pants. Every time someone mentions them, my mind’s eye rolls wayyyyy back into its proverbial head (by the way, I’m not one to bash any¬†trend, friends. You gotta do you, so please forgive my candor here). But I cannot help but perk my ears up at what is happening this fall! White all over – cozy sweaters, thick wool, lack of color in the best way. This trend could go way wrong way fast, so I put together a little mood board to explain my vision:


coat // shirt // pants // bag // booties

It’s all in the accessories. Now, OP went chunky sweater and wide leg pants, and I tip my hat to her for that. We’re going super sleek here, because we’re pairing the outfit with heavy, dark accessories. Oversized coat, fringe leather bag, razor sharp booties. Yes, I know, blue and black. I understand the momentary head scratching, but hear my out. Picture someone in this outfit. Picture yourself in it! So good, right? You’d see her walking down the street and you’d be all sheeeeee’s got it together.

Now go out and grab you some white…










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