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Like it or not, winter is coming. Apparently it’s going to be as bad as last year. I don’t mind, I love winter…but for the other 9,999,999 New Yorkers, it’s a drag. Footwear becomes seriously compromised – Louboutins get replaced by flats, which get replaced by Hunter rain boots or Uggs. And while these are fine, they’re everywhere. New Yorkers, I understand that neither wind nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night shall keep you from looking fashionable, and I respect you for that. But let’s vary it up. Here’s my definitive list of stylish rain and snow boots, to keep your feet happy:


Blue UGG // Red Lined Boot //  Buckle Boot // Studded Boot // Balenciaga Boot // Sorel Slipper // Rain Riding Boot // Orange Boot // Patterned Boot //  Short Tassel Rain Boot // Via Spaga Snow Boot // Dog Welly // Leather Lace Up // Tartan Rain Boot // Yellow Hunter // Perforated Rain Boot // Brown Printed Boot // Short Brown Boot // Waterproof Snow //

My recs for a rain boot are: mobility (one), warmth (two), and style (three). Yes, I place style last on this list. I don’t like knee high options as much, even though they’re adorable, because they’re just harder to walk in. For years I’ve been wearing Sorel mid calf boots, and just this year purchased a pair of ankle rain boots (in black) to see how they fair. My sister in law swears by these, and who could argue with their classic look (my mom had a pair when I was a kid!)? Also, even though Uggs get such a bad rap, I love the above color, plus they’re so warm! What say you, friends? Tell me your preference!

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6 years ago

I’ll go with the Buckle Boots !