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You all know that I shop almost exclusively online, right? The only time I venture into a brick and mortar situation is either when I’m with a client or when I’m boutiquing it (or when I’m in the midwest for 10 days with nothing else to do…). I’ve developed a knack for (usually) knowing which pieces will and will not work in person.
From what I can tell, I’m in a minority here. Most of my friends and clients split their shopping habits evenly between online and in-store; my mother rarely shops online at all. So, I thought I’d reveal some of my online shopping tips and tricks for you all here today!

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1. Free Shipping, Free Returns – Spotting these four words on a website is a virtual green light to try items on. I don’t mean order a bunch of pieces “willy nilly” as my Dad says, I mean that when you take a risk on a item that you’re unsure about, you can rest easy knowing it will go back as easy (and as free) as it came. Order 2 sizes if your bank account will allow! My favorite FSFR sites are Shopbop, ASOS, and Zappos.

2. Learn brand sizing – I’m a whole pant size up in J. Crew, but a 00 (how??) in their shirts. Learn the sizing. If you feel better, try in store and then make a mental note for online shopping. This goes for shoes, too! I’m a size 6.5, literally smack dab in the middle, but for fancy european brands, I’m a FULL SIZE up! So do your research! Some sites like Shopbop tell you what size the pictured model is wearing. This is great. I know I’m usually the same on top as the model, and a size up for pants. Boom, done.

3. Peep the material – I had my eye on this jacket so hard. I was ready to pull the trigger on it. Okay, I did pull the trigger on it (I had a 20% coupon!). I received it and was SO sad. Like a dodo I didn’t check the material. Not wool, not cashmere, not even a nice blend. Back it went, immediately. Think before you buy. Is it lined, is it good material, or am I just paying for the brand? Knowing this and being able to choose when to spring for the real thing and when to save on a less expensive piece will save you a lot of money (hundreds, if we’re using the above example).

4. Love on the zoom – I used to see an item and fall in LOVE, order it immediately and then scratch my head when it arrived. It didn’t look like that in the picture! Since I discovered the zoom button this no longer happens. Hover over that image and really check out the piece. Know what you’re ordering so you’re not surprised.

What do you all think? Tell me, do you prefer online or in store shopping?









image by Ashley Caroline.

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6 years ago

Willy nilly, baby! Great post!