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Happy Friday, indeed. It has been a long couple of weeks and this weekend I have zero work on the agenda (okay, well, maybe a little work peppered in). Raven and I are headed to the movies tonight and are taking a little road trip on Sunday, to where we don’t yet know :). This week I’ve felt stretched a little thin. Mentally, if that makes sense. The excitement of starting a new business and all the hubbub that comes along with it is starting to die down, and my mind is racing. Should I advertise more? Who’s my target audience? Should I refine my packages / pricing, etc, etc. It’s a little exhausting. The goal for the weekend is to quiet those voices, let inspiration arrive organically, and hopefully feel like I’ve got some fresh perspective on Monday. Thoughts? I hope you have a great weekend, here are the links I’m loving this week…

Articles Club!? I’m in, should we start one??

My favorite couple got married last weekend, and it was too beautiful.

Hair cleanser (not shampoo).

Planning to check out this Astoria boutique this weekend.

How to nap anywhere.

Loving these sheets recommended by my client.


Oh! The winner of week one of LRW’s month of birthday giveaways is:


Congrats to you, my friend. I’ll be emailing you shortly 🙂

Hope to see you all back Monday for the next giveaway (which is my favorite ever)!








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