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Morning friends! So, I get a lot of requests to do posts on classic, go-to, budget friendly pieces. You know, the “10 items you should own by age 30” or “5 classics every woman should own” roundups. Truthfully, aside from feeling like I’m just doing what every other blogger does, it is my firm belief that these classic items are fluid, not strict. What I mean is, depending on the closet, the classic pieces may change a bit. One girl may find herself in need of a leather jacket, another a pair of really great slacks.
But I aim to please, so today I’m bringing you a roundup of incredible blazers. I will say this: I don’t think every woman needs a black blazer. Every woman needs a great blazer. Mine is navy blue with sleeves that (intentionally) fall past my wrist. I encourage you all to find something a little different than just plain black. Here are my suggestions:



left to right: one // two // three // four //  five // six //

Classic means, to me, never go out of style. How do we achieve that while still staying true to our sartorial selves?

Things to consider:

1. Cut: One button or two? Or none? Suit, moto or schoolboy? Let it be whatever you feel best in.

2. Color: Stay in the navy / black / grey family. USUALLY. Muted colors will definitely stand the test of time (as opposed to bright colors or color blocked blazers).

3. Material and texture/pattern: Go wild. Velvet, wool, houndstooth, pinstripe, herringbone, etc. Don’t bother with questions like “will it match!?” Believe me…YES. It will match.

Okay…thoughts? Yes to this roundup? Yes to more like it? Tell me about your go-to blazer…





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6 years ago

yes!! i love all of these!