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Morning friends! I wanted to do another round of things I love, since today is RAVEN’S BIRTHDAY and he is my absolute favorite thing. It’s also the premiere of one of our favorite TV shows tonight…let’s get to it, shall we?


Wearing: These boots make that loud, scary someone’s coming noise when I walk. Aside from that, they’re slip on, and I worked a 10 hour day in them and didn’t feel any pain. I hope you like them, because they will be showing up a lot on LRW this fall and winter – I know they’re going to be my go to.

Watching: AHS is back! Say what you want about the plot, but for a couple who loves to watch TV together, this show is the perfect middle ground for me and Raven. Scary and suspenseful for him (and me, tbh), Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, and Kathy Bates for me. Absolute perfection, tonight at 10!

Doing: Our dinner reservation for tonight is at 3pm. Just kidding, it’s at SIX for two reasons. First is we have to make it back for AHS. Second is I get hungry for dinner at 5pm (please tell me there’s someone else like me out there! my family ate dinner at 5:30pm every night growing up). 6pm means PLENTY of time to stuff our faces and get back in time for the show. My friend Cara loves this spot and has recommended it countless times, I’m so happy that we’re finally getting to try it!

Happy Birthday to my lovah and my best friend!!








images via here and here.

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6 years ago

My family always ate dinner at 5:30 too! So glad you guys made it to dell’anima 🙂