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Morning friends!

Thanks for the love yesterday as LRW turned one! In case you missed it, I’m giving away a prize each week for the month of October. Hop on over to yesterday’s post and leave a comment in order to enter this week’s giveaway (announced next Friday the 10th)!

Last night, in a session with a client, we chatted about how to change up her everyday go-to outfit so that she feels great when she walks out the door (this is something clients and I always discuss). I told her my philosophy that I wanted to pass along to you all: break your own rules. Whether you realize or not, when you get dressed in the morning, the pieces you choose adhere to a set of style rules that you’ve imposed upon yourself. White washes me out. I can’t wear black jeans with this. This top goes with this necklace and these shoes.

I have those rules too. When I start talking myself out of a certain look because because because, I take a quick step back. Why?  Why can’t I wear white? Why can’t I pair black jeans with this? Why can I only wear this top one way?

It’s only silly/stupid/ugly if you say it is. Yeah, sometimes I try something on that I think will be great and I realize I was wrong. But I’m in front of my mirror, and it’s easy enough to start from scratch.

In the most sincere way possible – break your own rules. Forget what you tell yourself about your wardrobe today when you open your closet and try something non-obvious. And then text me so I can tell you how awesome you are.








image via Who What Wear.

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