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A little over a year ago, my friend Courtney and I decided to start little red’s well. One part style, one part wellness, we worked our asses off to create content that we were craving on the regular. A year later, this blog has had a major facelift, shifted its focus solely onto fashion, doubled its readership, and turned into a full fledged business. I could not be more proud of what we do here at LRW.

If you’ve been a reader since day 1, you’ll know that Courtney is now writing for online publications, writing her first book, and has her own blog here. Working together allowed us to each find our own vision for what we wanted to write about. My eternal thanks to Courtney for helping me start this wonderful adventure that is LRW.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane…here are my 10 favorite posts on LRW:

1. The inception of the closet makeover.

2. My style philosophy.

3. Birthday words.

4. My first shoot with Ashley Caroline Photography.

5. A happy admission.

6. The makings of a career change.

7. Quitting my 9-5 job.

8. Dressing for your audience without changing your style.

9. What being a vegetarian means to me.

10. How LRW got her name.

Oh, what a year it has been 🙂

ALSO! In honor of this momentous birthday occasion, I am giving away a prize EACH WEEK THIS MONTH! Prizes will be announced on Mondays, winners will be announced on Fridays. The prize will be different each week, and believe me, they just get better and better and better.

A week from Friday, October 10th, one lucky winner will receive:


The best body scrub IN THE WORLD! Seriously, this stuff is pixie dust and the fountain of youth in a bag.

To enter, leave a comment below. Winner will be announced next Friday, October 10th!

Thank you so much for reading LRW. It has very literally changed my life.









top photo by Ashley Caroline Photography.

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becky nitka
becky nitka
6 years ago

Happy Birthday! I have been obsessed with LRW since day one- can’t wait for more! Cheers!

6 years ago

The happiest of birthdays to LRW! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy waking up to these each and every morning. Thank you for inspiring us to be us and for showing us how to dress the part since day 1. <3

6 years ago

Congrats Allie!!

Heather S
6 years ago

I’ve been wanting to try this! Thank you so much for the chance to win some 🙂

6 years ago

Happy birthday LRW!! Congrats, Allie! You are WERKIN IT!