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Friends! I’m back on the East Coast and I am loving. this. foliage. I’m headed out with my friend crush Victoria after this post is published (and I get my tooth fixed at the dentist…), and today is sure to be an adventure. Tonight I’ll finally be reunited with my loves Raven and Charlie!
I did the impossible, today, friends. I found an affordable alternative to the most coveted booties of all time:



Rag & Bone Harrow Booties // Dolce Vita Haelyn Booties

The above boots by Rag & Bone are my favorite boots in the entire world. Here’s a shoot I did with them. Love them though I do, they are SO expensive, and keep appreciating in cost as their popularity grows. I bought them for almost $100 less 6 months ago. Luckily, Dolce Vita just released a dead ringer for more than half the price. What thinks you?

Friends, Happy Monday. Wednesday is LRW’s birthday and there is A LOT going on that day (read: prizes). So please keep comin’ back this week (and every week, cuz I luh ya).



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