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I couldn’t resist one more summery image before I turn into a literal pumpkin this fall. How gorgeous is the above, taken by my dear friend Julia?? Just a sneak peek of our summer into fall flower market photoshoot – please stop by next week to see the whole thing.

What are you lovely folks up to this weekend? I’m still in Ohio with my sister, and we’re headed back to CT on Sunday! I’m excited to sneak in one more night with my fam before I head back to NYC on Monday. I am chomping at the bit to see my 2 favorite guys and settle back into our routine. Have a fantastic weekend! As always, some of my favorite links from this week:

Lena Dunham’s Ask Lena video series is awesome. Cannot wait to read her book!

Design a custom dress just for you. I love this!

Paul McCartney wants everyone to go meatless on Mondays. Will you take the pledge?

Lonny’s Monogramming Rules. Raven, watch out. I see new linens on the horizon.

Indecisive? Here’s a fun way to rid yourself of another decision.

An interview with Beyonce’s OTR tour stylist.

Love this post from Cup of Jo.

A simple fall dress.








image by Julia Bushe Photography.

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