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Friends! We talk a lot about fashion here – and maybe sometimes you want a break (I never want a break, but for YOU fine people, I’ll do anything :)). So today I wanted to let you in on some things I’m loving lately.

1. Key and Peele is in my top 3 favorite TV shows of all time. My SIL introduced them to me a few years ago, and when I talked to my best friend Gill about it, she was already obsessed as well. Raven and I have seen every episode multiple times and quote these two funny men on a daily basis. Aside from being hilarious, the duo is so smart – they’re both total theater / improv nerds in the best way – and I feel at home watching them do their thing. Here’s one of my favorite sketches. Season 4 premiered last night and it did not disappoint. Wednesdays at 10:30pm!

2. I’m about halfway through A Discovery of Witches, and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m a trilogy nut (think Twilight, Hunger Games, you name it, I’ve read it), and I was pleased to find out that this is a trilogy for ADULTS, not adolescents. So I’m into it. It’s not incredible writing, but it’s a cool story. I recommend it!

3. It has been a busy month, and Raven and I have done NO fall related activities. I’m very ashamed of that. Last year, we went to this gorgeous¬†winery with our dear friends Kevin and Cara. We picked apples, had ciders on the lawn, and ate some of their house made pizza. We’re planning to go back next month, I can’t wait! I highly recommend Warwick as a day trip – especially if you live in NYC or the surrounding areas.

What are you all watching / reading / doing? I would love love love to hear some recs!



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