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Morning, friends! Someone had a huge glass of wine last night and didn’t get around to writing her blog post before dinner, so I apologize for the lateness 🙂
You all know that I don’t really buy into all of the “rules” that the media dictate for fashion – don’t wear white after labor day, don’t wear stripes if you’re not a size 2, if your eyes are ____, you can only wear the colors ____ and ____, etc, etc. I tend to think that if you love something and you feel good in it, you’ll rock it and that’s good enough for me.

I do, however, enjoy a couple of tricks for feeling great about one’s specific body type when getting dressed. I, for example, have a few things I get self conscious about – one is my short legs and long torso, the other is my stomach. The list goes on, but let’s keep it simple today. Here are my favorite quick tricks:

1. Make your legs look longer:



This is something I need every day, for the above mentioned reasons. Aside from wearing heels, which doesn’t always work for me because New York, there are two things I do to instantly lengthen my legs. The first is to wear  nude / skin colored shoes, which makes the leg appear to go on and on, rather than cutting it off with a colored shoe. The second is high waisted pants. I just bought some true high waisted jeans that hit the bottom of my rib cage, and I feel taller every time I wear them.

2. Accentuate your waist:




I don’t have a tiny waist in comparison to the rest of my body. Sometimes, I do better just wearing something shapeless, since there’s not much waist to show. If you do have a small waist (especially if you’re a bigger gal), make sure to show it off by wearing form fitting dresses and outerwear. A few years ago, everyone was just tying a belt around their waist and calling it a day. It is my personal belief that this trick was compromised by a few folks who took it quite literally – so stay away from the random belt, and go for pieces like this and this to show off your tiny waist (also, I’m jealous).

3. Bootylicious:



If you have a big booty, congratulations, again, I am jealous. If you’re trying to play it down, wear jeans with a low rise waist. Conversely, if you wish you had a bigger booty, throw on a mid or high rise pair of jeans. The length of the rise will either shorten your backside, or lengthen it :).

Do you employ any of these tricks? Do you try and minimize your insecurities or do you dress with reckless abandon? Please, do tell!








images via Pinterest, Girl with Curves.

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