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Good morning from Ohio!
This weekend was a busy one, and I found myself eager to get back to blogging this morning! For the past couple weeks, I’ve been putting together save/splurge posts on Mondays (see here and here), and I’ve really been enjoying it. Have you all been experiencing the same sort of satisfaction from these posts? Either way, let me know! And let me know if you have a piece in mind that you’d like to procure on the cheap.

This week – long cardigans. I’m always mild to moderately offended by the price of snuggly long sweaters ($1695? Seriously?), so I was pleased to find two very pretty options that are quite affordable. Please see below:



$144 / $48

Yeah? I love how both of these are chic enough to wear to work and comfy enough to throw on over sweats and a tank (that would be me). The top sweater is almost a blazer, which is so exciting to me because, as much as I love a great blazer, it’s just so obvious when one needs to look professional. Let’s take a break from blazers; these sweaters got me buggin’.

Have a lovely Monday, friends. I’ve got some great posts lined up for this week.



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