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This week has been a doozy for me, friends. Yesterday began with a speeding ticket and ended with my tooth breaking as I was flossing. HOW does that even happen? Just, so silly. And I completely let the day’s events swallow me whole. Feeling mad at everything, complaining endlessly, all around not a good look for me. I could see it happening, too, but I was powerless to stop my bad attitude. I was incapable of moving on from the annoying/silly/ultimately trivial things happening around me.

I started last week’s #LRWmademedoit social media campaign to hit refresh, and even though it was about clothes, I think subconsciously I thought I could hit refresh on my perspective, too. No such luck; I feel like a total Scrooge this week. See, I’m really just mad at myself for searching for something to complain about, because, to be honest, life has been pretty great lately.

I’m putting my foot down this morning. Raven and I have 1 hour to hang before I leave for the next 10 days, and I plan to make the most of it. I’m zipping my lip, shutting the hell up, and starting now, trying to have a little gratitude.

I will see you tomorrow, (hopefully) refreshed and appreciative.







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6 years ago

I had the exact same week and am trying so hard to just let it go, get down from the ledge, and enjoy all the good things!