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Friends, I am loving this crisp weather. I wake up a little chilly, with a pup snuggled by my feet (under the covers!), and the breeze is bringing in some of that delicious Fall smell that I couldn’t describe if I tried. Are you sick of me talking about Fall? This year there’s a lot of Fall hate going around – or, rather, a lot of acknowledgement of those of us who go a little emo crazy about Fall. I get it, I do, but when did everyone stop letting themselves feel wistful? This time of year makes me pine for back to school (as I’ve mentioned before, I used to write down my BTS purchases and pair the obvious choices and then make a list of other pairings to make more outfits – so this career has been a long time coming for me). This time of year also reminds me of college with my best friends – before everyone freaked out about pumpkin everything (myself included). I think what people love most about this feeling is the nostalgia of it all. And flavored lattes and trips to the pickin’ patch are just little ways to try and recreate those memories.
ANYWAY – this post is not about that at all. I just finished my coffee so I’m sure that’s how that little rant happened :). Speaking of Fall – weddings. And being a wedding guest. And being all, wait I know how to dress for a summer wedding but this is hard. That’s okay cause I spelled it out for you today. I found the most delicious dress from a Canadian designer that my friend Jenn introduced me to…and I knew immediately that it’s too special to just be a work appropriate dress. But it is that, also, so here’s how to take it from Friday at the office to Friday night at your friend’s wedding:





dress // vest // tote // flats // earrings // mini bag // sandals

I’m pretty proud of this board because each piece is a stand alone item that absolutely elevates your wardrobe on its own. Rules are: keep is way casual during the day. Leather and denim dress down the fanciness. For the wedding, no need for tons of accessories – keep it simple with some big old, colorful earrings, and heels to die for.

What do you think? Any fun weddings coming up this Fall?





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