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Good morning, friends!
Hey, thanks for all the kind words about the new layout of the site. Every time I see it, I love it even more. I spent a few hours this weekend ironing out some kinks and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with my coding skillz. Of course, anything is possible when Google is at your fingertips.

Every couple of weeks, my sister and I find a piece that makes us crazy. We’ll send each other the link and say something like “How perfect is this??” and the other one will say “Don’t get me started…” It’s a conversation that usually ends up making us both a little sad not being able to have the piece in question, but it’s a sisterly tradition nonetheless.

Last week the item in question was this:



Isabel Marant, you make leopard print so much cooler than it has ever been. She took leopard print here and removed all the cheese and these beauties are what were left.┬áThese boots are why getting dressed doesn’t have to be that serious. These shoes ARE your outfit, right? Let them do the talking and anything, I mean anything, can go on top. But they are $660, so, us normal folks probably won’t have the privilege of putting them on our feet.

So, I did some digging…


Isabel Marant $660 // Loeffler Randall $395 // Corso Como $92

Thoughts?? I think Those Corso Como booties might even be CUTER than the Isabel Marant booties. Which would you buy?



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