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Oh, hey there! Thanks for stopping by on this lovely Tuesday.
Friends, I need to hit reset. Fall makes me so happy, I feel like this:



But when I look into my closet I feel like this:


I see the same thing over and over. Instead of being nose blind, it’s like I’m CLOTHES blind (mmmhmm, Dad joke) – I can’t see the good stuff right in front of me!

All kidding aside, I feel blah. I don’t need any new clothes. Neither do you, admit it. But, I could use a little creativity and a little imagination. I need purpose, a motivation! So, starting THIS FRIDAY and for 7  whole days, I am going to wear an outfit I have never worn before, with items I already own.


See, the thing about this blog, is that it’s just a blog. About my life, and clothes, and things that one could argue are trivial. I spend a lot of time justifying the voice in my head that tells me that writing about fashion is laughable and a waste of time. But I believe in the Butterfly Effect, and if nothing else, maybe you do this challenge with me and you save some money, or your crush compliments you, or you feel more confident than you’ve ever felt before. And that will open you up for some good deeds, and so on and so on. Also, WHY NOT?


Here’s the scoop. Starting Friday, post a pic of your outfit on the ‘gram with the hashtag #LRWmademedoit. Let’s start a sartorial revolution!


Thank you for reading my not entirely trivial blog. I so enjoy writing it for you 🙂

Also, I need that plaid suit.


gifs via an extensive google search, will update with links!

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6 years ago

Challenge accepted! I just cleaned out my closet and have some things I set aside to try and find a way to wear them. Perfect timing!
6 years ago
Reply to  Carolyn

Yes!!! Cannot wait to seeeeee

6 years ago

Brilliant! I have a pair of shoes that I adore but never know what to wear them with. This will force me to figure it out and try different things!
6 years ago
Reply to  becky

YES! I’ll help you virtually as well, if you like. Together we’ll keep you looking like the goddess you are 🙂

6 years ago

awesome! I was actually going to instagram you a pic of these shoes when I get home. My problem is the color and they kind of look like they’re from the 20’s or 30’s so I’m hesitant to “mix time periods.” haha!
6 years ago
Reply to  becky

YES insta me!!!!