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Well, so much for the chill in the air, yeah? It’s going to be in the 80s and 90s all week this week…I’m not thrilled, but, this is good opportunity to start thinking about the ways we can blend our summer and fall items in the most awesome way.  (Also good luck to everyone who started school today! I told the kids I babysit for that I finished ALL my school and it blew their mind.)
On a closet makeover last week (photos to come soon, it was…epic), we focused solely on summer stuff, and we briefly touched on pieces to start layering into my client’s existing summer wardrobe to take her to fall.

Listen, I know I’m talking a LOT about transitioning seasons. It’s just so satisfying to me, so bear with me.

If you live in NYC and your closet is the size of a large froyo container, here are 5 items to pull out of fall storage that you will definitely use for the next couple weeks:


1. Handbag: I’ve been wearing my fall handbag for weeks. Dark green seems so clearly autumnal, and yet, here I am, defiantly wearing it around town with white shorts. I’m being facetious when I say defiant, but it’s definitely more of a fall color. Who cares!? Bring out that black leather bag, trade in that cotton tote for a more structured piece. The time is now!


2.  Closed-Toe Shoes: Let’s do it. Our toes will thank us. Mine are looking ready to go into hibernation, and I see no need to deny them. Remember, there are no rules. Go ahead, wear suede booties with shorts, patent leather or metallic loafers with white pants. In fact, if you do, send me a pic, because respect.


3. Lightweight Button Down: Start the layering. Unabashedly. All of your offices are freezing – I know this. Silky top, button down. Me likey.


4. Plaid: Plaid is a year round endeavor for me, but I know there are those of us who pair it only with fall like pb&j. Bring it out, wear it with a mini skirt, tie it around your waist.


5. Outerwear: Ditch. The. Denim. Give it a little break. No more jean jackets. I want to see blazers! Vests! Give me give me.

Wow, I sound like a drug addict. It’s true, I need my fall fix. Please, friends, take some pictures this week and tag me @littleredswell because I want to see your beautiful outfits.


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Carrerde Meer
6 years ago

I love the bag (of course) and the shoes 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Carrerde Meer

Thank you, love! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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