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Wow! I need to do giveaways more often! I am feeling the love, and it feels really nice. I’m so pumped to work with the winner on their closet! Don’t forget, you have until tomorrow morning to enter the giveaway. Game on.
How important is your shoe closet (I use the term ‘closet’ loosely)? Mine is pretty precious to me; like we’ve talked about before, shoes kind of make or break your experience when in NYC, if only because of comfort. It tickles me when fall rolls around and everyone I know is talking about boots, for I share their love of boots. I had this pair of boots in college that I wore to shreds – I would still wear them if they were in decent condition – and I think that’s when my love affair with boots really deepened. Today I want to look at my fall uniform, with 6 different pairs of boots that I could wear with it to completely change it up. It’s like a great Price is Right round…


 jeans // jacket // shirt // biker chick // apple picking // date night // ladies night // work // brunch

To review, my uniform for fall is: fun jeans, silky top, lots o layers (biker jacket is a must this year – the one above is faux!). I can’t decide which of these boots I want most, I think it’s a tie between the red, green, and blue. What about you all?


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