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Please excuse that post title – I’m a little rusty over here.
I’m so excited to be back and into the swing of things; I can’t wait to give you guys some great stuff this week, and before I delve into a vacation recap, I want to show you all what has been on my mind.

As soon as we started wrapping up our stay in Costa Rica, I started thinking about fall. Maybe it’s the little Allie in me who used to get so excited for the start of school (after my mom and I went shopping one year I laid out all my new outfits and wrote down which pieces could be mixed and matched), but I love this season change more than any other. At our beach house, there was a little chill in the air during mornings and at night – it’s this amazingly bittersweet way to day goodbye to summer.

Anyway, I was browsing around the internets and I came across rag and bone’s fall line (if you’re a regular here, you know I’ve been hesitant to acknowledge fall this summer):




Right!? Normally I think of wool and flannel and layers when I think of fall, but this flowy top with the sexy cut out is such a great way to transition. The buffalo check pattern would pair perfectly with a wrinkled button down, slouchy cardigan, and leather jacket. Or throw it on top of a beige turtleneck and a pair of black skinny jeans. Either way, I think I’ll be adding some silk into the rotation this fall.


Speaking of skinny jeans – I keep reading about the death of skinny jeans this fall. I resent that comment. It’s as if we’re all going to wake up on September 1st and spit at the contents of our denim collection. I think, if you like them (as I do!), keep wearing them, and when you feel a pull towards a different style, go for it! Okay, rant done. 🙂

See you guys tomorrow xoxo


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