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As I’ve mentioned, Raven and I leave for Costa Rica on SUNDAY! We are so excited, especially with what was a very scary passport snafu behind us!
In deciding what to pack for this trip, I wanted to reduce the pieces I bring and just bring better things, and I wanted to share my list with you!

Hope you enjoy!



1. Cozy Workout Wear – Raven and I plan on taking a hike and attending yoga class, so I’m bringing a workout shirt and pants with me. My feet always get cold on planes, so I’ll wear my sneaks during the flight.

2. Classic every day outfits – I plan on spending 95% of the trip in my bathing suit, but for lunches / exploring, etc, I’m bringing one classic tee / one graphic tee, and 2 pairs of jean shorts. Bandana is for sunny days / sweaty brow / looking good in general.

3. I wish I could pack this little guy. He hopped up while I was shooting this and I didn’t have the heart to make him get down.

4. Turkish Towel – I’m so excited about bringing this to the pool and the beach, and will be using it to keep warm on the plane!

5. Tieks! Paramount for comfort, I’ll put these on when we land / where them around the resort. They’re great for walking and look how nicely they fold up!

6. Bikini – I only have one, so this year I sprang and purchased one by Norma Kamali, which is the epitome of classic, and is super flattering.

7. Sandals – I’m sure I’ll dress up for dinner one night, and I’ll wear these when I do. Aren’t they the perfect summer sandal? (not pictured- Birks!)

8. Fancy Dinner Outfit – I’m on the fence as to whether or not I bring a dress on this trip. These flowy pants from target and simple backless tank would be the perfect amount of sexy, but part of me wants to bring a dress. We’ll see!

9. Unmentionables – I’m bringing one nude strapless, one lacy bralette, and the best thongs. I put them all in a zippered pouch for travel, then put the dirty pairs back in the pouch over the course of the trip.

Aside from the above, I’ll be bringing the following:




Creamy Lipstick

Moroccan Oil

– Antibiotics, Benadryl and Tylenol (I’m insane but you never know!)

Hand Sanitizer

– Snacks to bring to the beach

I’m so excited! Oh, and I dyed my hair…check it out!


It’s definitely crazy bright and will take some getting used to but I love it. What do you think?

Happy Thursday! xoxo

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