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dress // hat // tote // sandals // scarf

This weather is killin’ me! Actually, it’s kind of cozy, and it’s making me so thankful that Raven are escaping to warmer climes on Sunday. I can’t stop thinking about our upcoming trip, and as I was wandering the web this morning, mentally making note of all the cute pieces I don’t have for my trip, I realized it’s been a while since I put together a moodboard for you all!

Doesn’t this dress just look like a big hug? It’s one of those multi-use items in your suitcase; from cover up to dinner dress, it’s perfect (also let’s be honest – nightgown). I’m not a fan of hats at the beach, which is silly because I’m essentially allergic to the sun, but I thought this hat was different in the sweetest way.

Tell me, what are your vacation wishes? I’ll be back tomorrow with my packing list and tips…looking forward to seeing you then!


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