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Happy FRIDAY! I’m excited to share a little preview of my shoot with Victoria Gloria and The Local Vault, above (more to come later!). I had such a blast on this shoot, it really was a pinch me moment. What are you guys up to this weekend? I have a fun shoot planned for tomorrow, and am watching my nephews in CT on Sunday. Raven and I leave for Costa Rica in ONE WEEK! Have a great one guys, and as always, here are some fun links:

Primetime premiere dates. This is necessary.

How to walk in heels. I’m going to try number 1.

Voting on workplace thermostat. For my friend, Lexie.

What type of birth control do you use? (psst – we only use condoms!)

What a sexy dress! With a blazer over it, it’s work appropriate as well.

Free workouts with Amazon Prime! Ballet Beautiful is my favorite.

This is such a cool way to keep track of time.

I’m dyeing my hair really light red next week, what do you guys think of this?



image via Victoria Gloria Photography.

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