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Morning, friends! Hope your weekend was great! Mine was jam packed with a shoot, a wedding, and a closet makeover, so I’m definitely not complaining (sneak peeks can be found on FB and Instagram!). It’s Monday, it’s August, and it’s cool outside – is anyone else as excited about this as I am? I’m guessing not.
This summer I feel like I’ve got my uniform DOWN. I’ve been building up my wardrobe piece by piece and I wanted to share with you guys my summer essentials – items I wear daily that I can’t get enough of.



1. Great tees. I know I talk about great tee shirts all the time – but I can’t stress enough how much of a difference they make! Buy one a year, or hit a sale like I did and scoop up 3 or 4. Wear them with jeans, tucked in or out, a summery skirt, or as a coverup substitute.

2. Throw-on Denim. Getting ready should beĀ all about ease, meaning, for me, whatever I can find on my floor most days. These boyfriend jean shorts have been on my person almost daily this summer. The cut is loose fitting and forgiving, while flattering. I’ve worn these to babysitting jobs, meetings, and date nights.

3. The comfiest bra in existence. Since I don’t really have boobs, I love wearing non-bras. Breathable, lightweight, and sexy peeking through a sheer tee. I encourage you to try these; even if you’ve got bigger boobs, these bras are perfect for vacations or trips to the beach.

4. Versatile Sandals. A pair you can throw on while wearing workout clothes, going to work, or a wedding. Again, it’s summer, we shouldn’t have to think too hard about what we put on our bodies.

5. Jewels. These days it seems, the tinier the better, and that’s alright with me. Take your time and choose pieces that you won’t get sick of. Just like Batman getting suited up, you have your jewels ready to go. Earrings, check. Bracelet, check. Awesome necklace, check. Ready to fight crime and basic folks.


Happy Monday, lovelies!


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