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TGIF and Happy August, friends! What are you up to this weekend? Mine is LRW packed, no time to lounge around in an adorably cozy house (see above- those details!). This morning I have a photoshoot to look forward to, which I’m pretty (understatement) excited about. Tomorrow I’m assisting / on-site styling a wedding (again, !!!), and Sunday I’m meeting a client for a closet makeover. Someone pinch me, please.

I’m looking forward to a jam-packed, awesome August. Won’t you stick around? Here are some of my favorite links this week:

I want one of these stat (you know how I feel about gin).

Awesome engagement ring trend.

The most beautiful, heartbreaking, poignant thing I’ve ever read.

Interested in this reading list.

Incredible photographs.

This made me laugh (I can hear my friends and I going through the list! GUILTY!).

5 incredibly useful Gmail hacks.

An article about a twerking ice cream cone (which I think is weirdly adorable?).

How sexy is this?


 photo via a lovely being.

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