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We made it, friends! Friday at last. As soon as this post hits the web, I’m off to CT again for another weekend with my family. Raven has to work so he won’t be joining, but I’ll have my hands full with my two nephews (and access to my sister’s pool!), so I’m not complaining. Hoping to run into a field like the one in this picture. You can take the girl out of the burbs, but you can’t take the burbs out of the girl…

Have a great one, and here’s some awesome links from this week:

Serious business ladies drink it neat, on the rocks, orĀ straight up.

Detergent that turns your clothing into an air purifier??

I want to live in this perfect teeny apartment.

A great alternative to place cards.

The 5 best fitness apps.

Subtly sexy shirt.

Sweet watercolor painting (cacti are everywhere!).

We need these in the US!

I’ve got my eye on this for a double duty cover up / date night dress.

image via Ashley Caroline Photography.

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